Mooonglow Bay 1.0.3: Steam

13 Dec 2021

A official/stable patch for Steam has been published!

Major New Features

Minor New Features


Major Fixes


Help! I’m Stuck

Option of “Help! I’m Stuck” no longer available in the following situations:

Fixes Containing Spoilers

  • If you return to town during the encounter with the Ruin of Ships, its soundtrack will no longer disappear forever
  • River won’t get stuck when you save and quit during the lobster trap tutorial
  • Lobster tutorial will now progress when starting it alongside the purchase of a boat upgrade

  • When you open the Ocean Doors and you go to the Twintail Lake straight away, the Ouellette Twins will show at their correct location
  • The dinghy’s acceleration won’t build up to the point that it shoots forward if the map is open or the game was paused while over water currents in the Hot Springs

  • No longer able to enter the Crystal Squid’s den before its
  • The Crystal Squid will now release the trash piles during co-op as well

  • Fishing line no longer snaps immediately in the Astral Planes while casting to the furthest distance possible
  • The Two Cats won’t fly in the sky anymore